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[Awakening Active] Chakara Restraint- Gathers charka and detonate it to attack surrounding enemies. Can press [Spacebar] after to cast [Ring Strike] quickly

[Awakening Active] Shining Light- Gather charka into your hands and shoot it in front of you to attack enemies
- Summons a light charka. The light charka at first don't have any effect, but after using [Specific Skill], will trigger it and drag enemies into the center and attack
- [Specific Skill] are [Outbreak], [Shining Light], [Ring Strike], [Sunshine Spark] and [Charka Restraint].

[New skill] Dream field- Sets up an area with charka light barrier. During cast, [Right Click] to dodge backward. The caster and teammate inside the barrier becomes invisible and reduces incoming damage by certain amount. In addition, when caster is inside the barrier, using [Main Skills] will cause the light charka to fly around in all direction and attack enemies
- After casting [Outbreak], [Shining Light], [Charka Energy], [Charka Miracle] and [Charka Restraint], use [Spacebar] to instantly dodge upward into air

[Awakening Passive] Piercing Star- Changed into a large shuriken. Projectile speed is reduced, but the damage and range is increased

[Awakening Passive] Awakened Azuna-
Cat - Add new attack animation
Raccoon - Add cure effect for party members
Rabbit - Heals according to the caster physical attack power

[Awakening Passive] Illusory Chakra- Increase the damage of left click. If you don't use the dashing attack (left click) or dodge (shift), cooldown is recovered by x seconds

[Awakening Passive] Miraculous Chakra- Increases health recovery according to your physical attack power. Heals every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

[Awakening Active] Shadow Claws- Summons shadow claws to scratch enemies in front of you, then attacks again with shadow fangs for the same damage

[Awakening Active] Vile Gate- Summons abyss force on the ground which will slowly moving forward to suck enemies in before exploding and knocking them up

[Awakening Passive] Summon Shadow- Skill CD increased. Absorbs the shadow clones and transforms yourself temporarily. When cast, cause you to move backward while absorbing clone. During transformation, action and movement is increased. [Line of Darkness] and [Shadow Focus] are strengthened. Also, whenever the attack is successfully hit, action and movement speed will increase

-[Awakened Line of Darkness]- CD can be stacked up, damage increased and CD decreased, after attack can press [Right Click] to move back to the beginning position.

-[Awakened Shadow Focus]
- The abyss breath becomes dark lightning. Attack range and damage is increased

[Awakening Passive] Illusion Strike- The blades now moves faster and the animation is enhanced. [Left Click] now cause you to jump up and leave a log while [Right Click] might remain the same
- While leaving a log in original position and jump up, at the top of log press [Left Click] again to throw knifes in front. Press [Right Click] will fall down and throw knifes at surroundings
- During [Illusion Strike] you can [Shift Left], [Shift Right] to instantly move left and right, and shoot knifes once again
- Can be use during other attack action, even knocked down state

[Awakening Passive] Spectral Blades- Number of blades increased, suction effect, shoots out dark lightning that causes dark burn. - Quickly slashes the target and hides in the abyss. While inside the abyss, press [Left Click] to jump in front and shoot all blade of abyss forward at once. Pressing [Right Click] or waiting for the skill to end will throw the blade of abyss around
[Awakening Passive] Dark Conviction- Cool down greatly reduced but the number of summoned abyss orbs is also reduced. The summoned orbs will stay for a while and deal damage to nearby enemies. If the target is hit by [Night Burst], the orbs will fly over to the target and deal massive damage

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